Monday, 4 August 2014

Vocca lets almost any lightbulb listen for (and obey) your commands

Vocca lets almost any lightbulb listen for (and obey) your commands


We've been managing lightbulbs with claps for ages right now , but you'll soon be able to light up your foyer with mere words . . . as long as the teeming hundreds of thousands and their wallets are down along with it . The $39 Vocca is a simple , savvy interposition that aims to provide most regular lightbulbs the ability to spring to existence when you say , "Go Vocca light ." Lacking in pizzazz , no ? Spending an extra $10 will get you a slightly smarter Pro model that'll allow you to customize your activation phrase ( "Flame on ," maybe ? ) with your smartphone .

Alas , you'll need to leave those old-school incandescent bulbs higher atop that shelf in your closet -- they generate very much heat for Voccas to handle , so you'll need LED or small fluorescent bulbs instead . That small quandary aside , the Vocca seems like a refreshing little bit of kit in an age in which you could feasibly drop a few hundred us dollars on smartphone-friendly lighting . At first glance , it might not appear as whiz-bang awesome as , say , the Philips Hue or the crowdfunded LIFX , but the Vocca group begs to differ . It's convinced that whipping out a smart phone to control the ambiance requires way more time and effort than flipping a switch or -- you guessed it -- simply speaking a command code aloud . Different clicks for different folks , but with just $2 ,000 more required at the time of writing to seal this deal , it's very clear that people are keen for a cheap , practical way to smarten up their homes .

Oh , and also by the way : If you're having a lousy day and also need a serious dose of cheese , be sure to keep an eye on the team's campaign video . You'll either crack up or cringe ; there's nothing room for middle ground here .

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