Monday, 4 August 2014



The Upp fuel cell charger transforms hydrogen to elecricity for your cell phone . It's eco-friendly and also comes with an intelligent app that should aim the way for all phones , however it has a few problems too . 

Right here you can see how large the Upp is , which isn't ideal . 

Regardless of being designed for travel or camping while you're away from mains power , the Upp is much from portable . 

The Upp is available in two parts : the hydrogen cartridge on the staying and the charger on the right . 

The a couple of snap together to form the charger . 

The only by-products of the environmentally friendly gadget are heat and water vapour , which is vented from the charger . 

The charger is all about the size and excess weight of a sturdy torch . 

The Upp expenses most devices with a USB connectivity . 

The charger comes with an intelligent app that allows you to develop the charging process . In the left-hand screenshot you can see the outstanding power in both the charger and your phone , and on the right you can observe stats on the battery . 

The hydrogen cartridge connects magnetically to the charger . The hydrogen cartridges can be re-filled but must be exchanged for a new one , which isn't cheap , at £10 ( around $17 ) . 

Even though eco-friendly fuel cells are a great idea and also definitely a technology to watch , in this instance the Upp is just too cumbersome and expensive .

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