Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Touch Bionics releases new prosthetic fingers

Touch Bionics releases new prosthetic fingers, flips the old ones the bird

The solely upgrades available for our puny human hands are gaming controller calluses , but when you're sporting an i-LIMB digits hands prosthesis , you can now pick up a set of improved fingers . Touch Bionics' "smaller , lighter way more anatomically accurate" appendages are now accessible worldwide , along with a new wrist-band unit which residences all the necessary understanding power and juice for their function . Even better , these developments allow more and more people to adopt the tech than the previous procreation , including individuals with more petite hands or finger amputations closer to the knuckle . We don't understand how much it'll cost for a fresh set , but we'll let health companies and insurance companies cope with that part . With these improvements and RSL Steeper's latest delivering , it won't be long before our flesh-based variants are meager in comparison . 

Touch Bionics , a supplier of world-leading prosthetic technologies , today declared the worldwide release of its latest prosthetic innovations for those who have missing fingers . The company disclosed new wrist-band and digit technologies for its i-limb digits option that will help bring the benefits of the prostheses to a greater population . 

Along with its market-leading prosthetic hand products , Touch Bionics is used as the first in the world to develop a prosthetic finger solution with articulating digits in 2009 , and over 500 individuals have since been fitted with its i-limb digits technology . 

Today , Touch Bionics exposed new additions to the i-limb digits product line , including a shorter , lighter in weight prosthetic finger and a wrist-band unit that includes all of the processing and power devices for the prosthesis . 

"The new finger development enables i-limb digits prostheses to be produced smaller , lighter and more anatomically accurate , thereby suitable for a wider population , such as individuals with smaller hands , or whose amputations are nearer to the base of the fingers ," said Ian Stevens , CEO , Touch Bionics . "The wrist-band device provides the ability to build an i-limb digits prosthesis which has full wrist mobility and with easily interchangeable and rechargeable battery packs ."

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