Monday, 11 August 2014

SwivelCard, a business card that folds into a USB drive

Most business enterprise cards end up in the recycle bin or tucked away in a cabinet , thrown away and forgotten . That's exactly why there have been certain creative attempts at making company cards more interesting , like the playable Tetris business enterprise card . The hottest shot at a smart business card has appeared on Kickstarter in the form of the SwivelCard .

SwivelCard brings together a printed USB drive with a standard business card . The card folds up to fit into a USB dock and directs the recipient to open up a Web page . That page can be changed after the reality , so you could hand a prospective client a company card that leads to your main web site and then go in and have that specificcard direct to a particular product page instead .

The USB drive has lower than 1 megabyte of storage as well as being read-only to prevent someone from changing the specifics of your card and handing it off to someone else . Each one card has a unique ID . It appears on a user's computer similar to any other mass-storage USB drive . A QR code on the pinched nerve lets users with mobile devices connect to the website without the need a USB port . Some of the cards also support NFC , determined by which pledge level you select .

It began to take less than eight hours for SwivelCard to hit its $10 ,000 goal and also it's now over $40 ,000 in pledges with 29 days to go . It is possible to test out the tech for a $29 pledge , which gets you ten mini cards . There's no room for your contact information and facts , but the cards can be redirected just like full-size SwivelCards . Moving up to the large cards will cost you $319 for a set of 200 . The NFC-enabled cards run $379 for 200 .

The team behind SwivelCard is functioning on improving an analytics component that will track cards as to their location along with the times when the cards are utilized . The cards themselves are convenient enough to stand out from the crowd of ordinary , lifeless business cards , however the cost of buying them might make you think two times before handing them out to just anyone .

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