Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sony India releases new headphones and earphones

Sony India has announced two pairs of headsets going by the model numbers MDR-XB450 and MDR-XB250 as well as a couple of earphones known as the MDR-AS200 . The last one is aimed at those who prefer to take their music along with them when they exercise or even are engaged in additional physical activities , although the first two are meant for individuals who love bass . 

The Sony MDR-XB450 and also MDR-XB250 are priced at Rs 1490 and Rs 2190 , correspondingly , but will hit store availability in this particular month itself . The former device’s earlier model dubbed MDR-XB400 was offered in 3 color options of green , blue and also purple . The newer headsets are set to reach the Indian marketplace in five hues of red , black , white , yellow and blue . 

The MDR-XB450 is fitted with 30mm drivers and also delivers a frequency response rate of 5Hz – 22000Hz . The accessory is finished in metal and drags along a flattish cord with a serrated outside , the last mentioned of which reduces the chances of it obtaining all tangled up . You will be able to stow it away neatly because of its swivel-style folding mechanism . 

The Sony MDR-XB250 might have been very much like the MDR-XB45 , with its 30mm drivers , serrated cable and swivel folding style if it wasn’t for its metal-shunning body . Reviewing the earphones introduced by the Japanese company , memorize when we said that the MDR-AS200 is designed for active people ? Well , it’s got a water-resistant build as also , 13 .5mm drivers and also adjustable ear loops . 

And also just like the other two which were unveiled today , the earphones tow along a flat cord . The pair costs Rs 790 which is expected to be made available later in September . As we’ve already mentioned above , the Sony MDR-XB250 and also MDR-XB450 will be visible on shelves by August . 

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