Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera Does Wi-Fi and 3D

Hot off the heels of starting a landmark Android camera , Samsung is lift-off a new flagship for it is line of NX mirrorless digital cameras — compact substitutes to DSLRs that also have interchangeable contact lenses . Besides upgraded specs , the NX300 creates a couple of novel features : Wi-Fi connection and the ability to shoot 3D with a unique lens . 

The NX300 has a large APS-CMOS sensor capable of getting images up to 20 .3 megapixels . To help in lower light , the ISO rating may go as high as 25 ,600 , along with a new hybrid autofocus system is believed to lock onto targets faster . Shutter speed is often as quick as 1/6 ,000 of a second , and with continuing shooting engaged , it is possible to snap nine pics in every among those seconds . 

Things get attractive when you turn on the dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity . It can sniff away hotspots , of course , but its key purpose is to connect to a phone or tablet . With your own mobile device functioning the Samsung Smart Camera app , you may relay photos directly and automatically . The app may also act as a remote viewfinder , letting you snap photos without touching the camera ( or even becoming near it ) . 

Whenever equipped with the brand new Samsung 45mm/f1 .8 lens ( sold separately for $599 .99 ) , you can take video or snap still pics in 3D . The lens uses a unique technology ( similar to ISee3D's ) that can apprehend 3D images from a single lens , which covers up one side of the frame ( while still using the entire image sensor ) , both the left and right ,in rapid combination . Images captured with the framework half-covered are slightly offset , creating the 3D effect . 

With the lens , you may switch to regular 2D capture at any time , so it will work with other NX cameras as well . There's also no compromise on resolution — it shoots video at a pristine 1080p regardless of the entire dimensions . 

Managed to get a little hands-on time with the NX300 , and the autofocus is definitely fast . The camera feels great in the hands , and the retro design is pretty . The equipment are a little intimidating — it still possesses the regular arrows and menu buttons along with the touch screen , a questionable choice but easy to understand considering the "prosumer" target audience . 

Samsung was evident some 3D footage taken with the camera , that was passable , although it's no Avatar . Still , it's good to have the option . 

Without the lens or even battery , the camera is just 1 .6 inches thick and weighs 9 .8 ounces . Samsung plans to discharge the NX300 in March for the tidy sum of $749 .99 , paired with a 20-50mm lens . Advantage : You also get a copy of the most recent version of Adobe Lightroom . 

How do you like Samsung's latest mirrorless offering ? What excites you more : the Wi-Fi or the 3D lens ? Or something else ? Allow us to know in the comments .

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