Sunday, 10 August 2014

Nokia X vs. Nokia Lumia 520

The Nokia X as well as the Nokia Lumia 520 are entry-level smartphones that make an effort to woo the customer with various tactics . 

The Nokia X is the very first android smartphone from Nokia , while in contrast the Lumia 520 is the most simple offering from the Finnish company , to feature the Windows operating-system . 

Design and style 
After Microsoft’s assessment to acquire Nokia , the company has announced some of the highest quality Windows phones in the market . The truth is , they have turn out to be the flag bearers of the Windows Cell phone OS . The Lumia 520 is a flag bearer that actually reaches out to the masses with a style that is appealing . The phone is not overweight at 124 g , though it may be of solid build quality . It is not surprising to refer to the Nokia X , coming from the stable of Nokia , feature similar design characteristics . 

The Nokia X might be an entry-level smart phone , but it provides a 4 inch display similar to that of the iPhone 5S . The image resolution may be on the lower side at 480 x 800 pixels , however it almost eradicates the naked pixels . The Nokia Lumia 520 additionally makes use of a similar 4 inch screen that employs the same IPS panel as well . Image resolution is also the same . There is certainly little to separate the {devices|gadgets} in terms of display , although the Lumia 520 offers scratch resistant glass . It is certainly not exactly solid Gorilla glass display , but it ought to be good enough to handle day-to-day blemishes 

Internal storage space on the Lumia 520 is a healthy 8 GB , despite the fact that the Nokia X offers only 4 GB . The 512 MB of RAM is present on both products and should be enough for multitasking . Overall performance figures are extremely good quality due to the utilization of powerful processors in both phones . The Nokia X features a dual core 1 GHz processor similar to that of the Lumia 520 , however this processor comes from the snapdragon variety within Qualcomm . Further , the Lumia 520 additionally uses a slightly more advanced Adreno 305 , compared to the Adreno 203 contained in the Nokia X . 

Operating System 
The android operating-system used on the Nokia X is in contrast to the OS found in many top end android smartphones . This is because the cell phone uses a free version of Android which has been put through intense modification to offer a number of Nokia apps . You can install Google’s Play Store and take advantage of the many apps on offer . The Windows app ecosystem continues to be not anywhere close enough to challenge the Apple Store or the Play Store , however it is growing at a frenetic pace . The Lumia 520 was included with the Windows Phone 8 and it is similar to the latest 8 .1 version . 

Regardless of comparable specs , the battery on the Nokia X is somewhat larger than the 1430 mAh unit on the Lumia 520 . The Nokia X uses a 1500 mAh battery . 

The Nokia X represents certainly one of the basic android phones available in the market at $130 while in contrast the unlocked version of the Lumia 520 retails at $105.

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