Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hands-on with Asus Chromebox CN60

ASUS launched it is first Chromebox series in India with 3 models – Chromebox CN60 with Intel Celeron processor , Chromebox CN60 with Intel Core i3 processor and also Chromebox CN60 with Intel Core i7 processor priced at Rs 21 ,000 , Rs 36 ,500 and Rs 58 ,000 respectively . We had an opportunity to play around with the device for some time at the occasion . 

It homes 16GB M .2 NGFF SSD and provides 100 GB of free Google Drive storage space for two years . The Celeron model includes 2GB of RAM whereas the Core i3 and Core i7 models consist of 4GB RAM . We were not able to open the Chromebox to display the internals , as that voids the approved warranty . But we was able to click some photographs of the Chromebox since a standalone device as well as in use . However first let us observe how portable the Chromebox is.

ASUS Chromebox is available in a compact form factor and also houses Intel processors just like Celeron , Core i3 or Core i7 based on the configuration you have chosen . It houses a dual-band 802 .11 Wireless wi-fi b/g/n . Two USB 3 .0 ports are made in the front and there are 2 more on the rear side . 

On the rear side you will have the DC power in port , a LAN port , two USB 3 .0 ports , an HDMI port , a DisplayPort along with a mic-in/headphone out jack . The Intel Core series based ASUS Chromeboxes may output 4K UHD content as well . 

Because of the compact size , the ASUS Chromebox can be very easily VESA-mounted behind your monitor . 

Seen above is a Chromebox operating a 4K ASUS monitor . ASUS Chromebox bundles a wireless keyboard set and mouse combo together with every Chromebox .

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