Thursday, 7 August 2014

Garmin introduces fitness-oriented band “Vivofit”

Garmin introduces fitness-oriented band “Vivofit” 

Garmin , a satellite website navigation devices organization has launched a brand new fitness-oriented group . Vivofit ( veevo-fit ) health and fitness band reasonably estimated at Rs 9 ,990 will likely be exclusively available on internet shopping site Flipkart . 

With the brand new release , Vivofit has become the only fitness band that automatically greets users with a customized daily goal , tracks their improvement and reminds them when it’s time for you to move . 

The device capabilities an unique curved display that constantly stays on and is available in black and also slate colours , in each small and large sizes in the box . Consumers can also purchase purple , teal and blue colour belts . 

The device’s user replaceable battery power last over 12 months and Vivofit is water resistant ( 50m ) , apart from becoming compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitors for fitness activities . 

Vivofit understands users’ current activity level , and then assigns an within reach daily goal . As the users attain milestones , it adjusts the goal for the following day . 

It can also monitor the high quality of rest if the band’s sleep mode is switched on before going to sleep . 

This really is an extension to bring world-class fitness products for our backed by superior service .

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