Monday, 11 August 2014

Convert your bike to elecrtic

The electronic digital bike is on the rise , however , like anything new , it's likely to set you back a pretty penny to purchase one off the rack -- as much as thousands of dollars in some cases . Fortunately , there's also a growing trend of DIY conversions , possibly through kits , or guides which help you pick out the components . 

One such kit is from e-bike specialist Micah Toll , whose DIY e-bike book hit Kickstarter to great results earlier this year . Now , Toll -- who may have built hundreds of e-bikes , founded an e-bike startup , and spent valuable time volunteering to teach people how you can build their own e-bikes -- is launching a package of his own , once 

"I've been working with e-bikes for countless years now , and so I've used pretty much every e-bike part and also kit out there . Some are excellent , others are not  According to the news articles-  . "I've utilized this experience to help newbies learn what to use and also what to avoid in their own e-bikes . But after observing so many low quality kits with over-rated requirements that often confuse or trick consumers , I determined I wanted to make my own e-bike that would provide not only great value , but better performance and also range than many of the other products available today ." 

Called Barak , the package consists of four parts : the battery , which powers the e-bike and bolts onto the bicycle frame ; the controller , which -- obviously -- equipment the bike , tucked inside the battery housing ; the motorised steering wheel , which replaces the front wheel of the bicycle ; and the throttle , which slips over certainly one of the handles and allows the rider to control the bike's speed . 

Toll is providing the kits with two customisations : you can choose from a 20-inch or even a 26-inch wheel , and between 350 watts and also 500 watts of power . Each kit proudly represents everything you could possibly need to convert your own normal bike to an e-bike , such as zip ties , and -- in accordance with Toll -- it's very easy to assemble . 

"It's really surprisingly simple to install my kit . My style goal was ease of use , and I think I've thoroughly stuck to that . Basically , for those who have the technical skill to assemble an Ikea coffee desk , you can install my e-bike ," he said . 

"There are just 3 or 4 parts , depending on which type of my kit you use . You only need to remove your front wheel , source another with my motor wheel , bolt the battery pack onto the bike , and slide the throttle on the handlebars . It merely takes three tools ( a wrench , screw driver and Allen key ) . For many people this may be their first 'technical project' however because it's so simple , it's a great confidence builder !"

The kits provide a converted bike an assortment of about 23 miles to 30 miles ( 32km to 49km ) on a 24V 10AH lithium battery pack that takes about three hours to charge fully , with an adequate speed of 20mph ( 32kph ) . And , Toll said , they're less than a quarter of the expense of the average off-the-rack e-bike , coming in between $585 ( AU$632 , £349 ) and also $655 ( AU$707 , £390 ) , depending on the power level . 

Toll considers that the e-bike is the way of the future . 

"I haven't possessed a car in about seven years , but I've been able to obtain everywhere I need to go on an e-bike . I've never needed to pay for gas , insurance , parking in the town or any of those costs ," he said . "I can charge anyplace there's an outlet and I can ride anyplace as well , including streets , sidewalks , bike paths , off road trails , etc . It's this independence of transportation , while doing my part to decrease pollution , that I find so much fun . I just hop on my e-bike and go !


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