Monday, 4 August 2014

Bluetooth speaker that provides meaty sound


The Excellent The Nyne Bass is an amazingly designed wireless Bluetooth speaker that generates fuller sound compared to other speakers in the $150/£125 price range . This also has an integrated mic for speakerphone phone calls , NFC tap-to-pair technology for smart phones that support it , and uses Bluetooth 4 .0 . Battery every day life is decent at 10 hours.

The Bad Yes , it's a transportable speaker , but it's not all that travel-friendly .

The Bottom Line Whereas it's not terribly compact , the Nyne Bass life up to its name and outperforms a lot of portable Bluetooth speakers that cost more .

You might not have heard of Nyne , but it's got a full line Bluetooth speakers , such as this flagship model , the Bass , which is one of the better Bluetooth bargains at $150 or £125 .

I was surprised by both the build quality and overall performance of this speaker . It comes in white or black and weighs in at about 6 .5 pounds ( 3kg ) , so it's on the bigger conclude of the portable Bluetooth speaker range .

It looks similar to a tabletop unit but it's transportable and Nyne is promoting it as an "outdoor" speaker . It includes a built-in "hidden" handle which makes it easier to move around your home or out onto the outdoor patio . It does work well out at the pool or in the garden , but it doesn't seem like the the majority of rugged speaker -- it's not splashproof , and one of the little rubber feet on my unit fell off and I had to stick it back on .

Its battery pack life is rated at an ample 10 hours also it can charge your phone via the USB charging dock on the back , though you'll obviously lose certain battery life on the speaker if you're recharging your phone at the same time . Additional extras include an integrated mic for speakerphone calls , NFC tap-to-pair technological innovation for smartphones that support it , and an auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth gadgets . It uses Bluetooth 4 .0 .

It may be quite bright for some people's tastes -- there's a little treble force -- but for the most part it manages to avoid owning a harsh edge and can play at higher quantities without distorting .

You'll find some decent-sounding Bluetooth loudspeakers in this price range , such as the TDK Life on Record Trek Max A34 and Sony's SRS-X5 , though them all lack stereo separation because of the proximity of their drivers , including the Nyne Bass .

Those two contending units are easier to carry around along with the TDK is ruggedized . I probably like the seem of the Sony SRS-X5 the best of the three . It sounds warm plate and more natural overall . The Nyne Bass has a bit more kick to it , however , and seems a little fuller than both the Sony and the TDK . It might be the superior speaker if you were owning a party , though it's better suited to small to medium-sized rooms compared to large ones .

Speakerphone overall performance was decent , though not especially good . It helps to stand within a couple of feet of the speaker to have the microphone purchase your voice .

The Nyne Bass provides a list price of $180 in the US , or £160 in the UK , however it can be found online for $150 or £125 . It's a great value at those street prices , and definitely worth checking out in the event that you're looking for a beefier Bluetooth loudspeaker that looks like a tabletop unit but also possesses a built-in rechargeable battery for portable use .

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