Sunday, 10 August 2014

A fascinating LED , thanks to the slimmed-down price range

The Good The oddly-shaped Philips SlimStyle is a value-priced LED that may serve as a respectable incandescent substitution . The flat style helps it manage temperature better than other LEDs . 

The Bad The SlimStyle offers off an annoying buzz if you use it with a dimmer switch . Additionally , the three-year warranty isn't as good as the 10 years you obtain from the Cree LED , which costs simply a dollar more . 

The Bottom Line For this kind of a flat bulb , the SlimStyle is surprisingly decent , making for a decent value at it is price point . 

The lights aisle's LED section is getting increasingly more crowded with legitimate values , so it shouldn't arrive as a surprise that producers are looking for new ways to stand out . Insert the Philips SlimStyle , a low-cost LED that sets by itself apart with an unusual , flattened design . 

This two-dimensional spin on contemporary , high efficiency lighting promises to exchange the best aspects of a traditional incandescent whilst saving money on your monthly power bill . It also expenses just $9 , which converts approximately to AU$10 , or £5 in the UK ( Philips says it has no plans to expand the SlimStyle beyond The United States at this time , but won't rule it out , either ) . 

That price point is a dollar lower than you'll spend for the well-reviewed Cree 60W Replacement LED , and considerably less than Philips' own standard 60W equivalent . However it isn't a flawless light , or quite as inexpensive as the bargain LEDs that you'll find at Ikea , the available SlimStyle nonetheless offers excellent value , making it an excellent go-to bulb for common household lighting needs . 

The query is whether or not the flat design compromises the SlimStyle's ability to illuminate like a typical light bulb . For the most part , the solution is no . With a light output of 800 lumens along with a very accurate color high temperature just under 2 ,700 K , it's a perfectly worthy replacement unit for a 60W incandescent . As for efficiency , the 25 ,000-hour life duration and the 10 .5W power draw put it right comparable with other solid LED options . The coloring rendering score of 80 is in line with what you'd anticipate from most other LEDs , too . 

At $9 each one ( or lower , if you live in a region that provides instant rebates for Energy Star-certified lights ) , the Philips SlimStyle offers lots of light bulb bang for your buck . You won't have any specific problems with its brightness or color temperature , in case you're switching over from incandescents , you definitely won't be complaining when your next electrical power bill arrives . 

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