Sunday, 20 July 2014

Whirlpool's new machine freshens your clothes in 10 minutes flat

However, this is most definitely an extravagance. While found that Swash worked as advertised, you'll really have to despise dry cleaning to justify the running costs -- the device by itself is $499, and each 12-pack of pods is $7. That could quickly add up if you're using the machine multiple times a week. It's also not going to remove stains, so you'll still be in dire straits if you spill a drink on your shirt right before a big date. You can buy the Swash at Bloomingdale's this September, but you'll want to think carefully about your typical attire before you splurge on a unit. Just how badly do you want to dress to impress?

Chances are that you're accustomed to ironing a few of your clothes to keep them wrinkle free , or even taking them to the dry cleaners whenever you can't ( or simply won't ) put them through a washing-machine . No great shakes , right ? Well , Procter & Gamble and Whirlpool apparently reckon that these are terrible burdens -- the two have announced Swash , an appliance that freshens your own clothing one piece at a time . The machine uses the combination of heat and a special answer ( held in "Swash pods" ) to eliminate wrinkles and smells in your clothing without either damaging it or requiring time-consuming proper care ; your duds should be ( almost ) as good as new in roughly 10 minutes . It doesn't necessitate water , and it can handle delicate materials like cashmere and lace . At first blush , it appears like a good way to save a favorite coat or sweater from the ravages of your time .

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