Monday, 21 July 2014

Touchscreen smartphones could replace buttons and switches in future cars

Hang on to that steering . Automobiles of the future are prepared to eradicate conventional controls like buttons and switches as well as have a touchscreen smart phone for your own driving comfort and also overall safety . 

Back-seat passengers will get the touchscreen to manage automobile accessories such as air-conditioning , infotainment and also navigation . This certainly will not distract drivers , media reports said . 

In the direction of this , luxury car maker Bentley has come up with a advanced remote control which whirrs up from the rear of the centre console . 

The gadget , the size of a cigarette packaging , is fitted with a touch-screen . It manages audio-visual devices like twin TV screens , a navigation system , a stereo and even a fridge . 

 The remote control also allows voyagers to configure the seats and adjust interior temperature . 

This kind of control will quickly pass on to less expensive cars , reports added . For example , the brand new Volkswagen Passat will have an app that owners can certainly download on a tablet . 

Making use of the car’s Wi-Fi , the tablet will allow passengers browse the internet as well as interact with the infotainment system . 

Audi has gone a step further . 

It has come up with an Audi-brand tablet : a 10 .2-inch screen introduced as a remote control for a range of vehicle functions . The tablet gives occupants access to the internet , media and navigation devices as well as control over the radio , reports added .

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