Monday, 28 July 2014

Swatch Touch to gain fitness tracking capabilities

Quite a lot of you might have perhaps heard of Swatch brand name . Swatch is a Swiss brand founded in 1983 , they’ve been production watches for over 130 years now . Many people all across the globe have been transporting Swatch watches on their wrists over the years . These days it may be less pronounced than it absolutely was in the past , but I’m still able to capture a few out on the streets every once in awhile . Nowadays people are likely to think they’re fashion-conscious and wear watches that actually pop on their wrists , at least that’s exactly what I’ve been able to pick up on where I live . Both men and women really do that , although that might shift in the near future . 

Smartwatches are gradually becoming a certain thing and with the launch of Android Wear that fact is just becoming more pronounced . I’m not stating people are going to give up on style or anything of the sort , but I bet OEMs which manufacture smartwatches will certainly push more and more fashion-conscious wrist watches which will then slowly , but surely discover their way on the wrists of people all around the world . Big part of today’s smartwatch functionality is the capability to track your personal fitness and help you exercise . It seems Swatch is definitely picking up on today’s trends and also intends to include such performance in its smartwatch offerings

Swatch Supervisor , Nick Hayek , talked to Sunday’s Neue Zuercher Zeitung am Sonntag ( Swiss every week ) and said the following : “Beginning in 2015 , we are going to integrate fitness functions into Swatch Touch . It is going to remain a watch , but will have almost all today’s usual features to monitor physical fitness .” This appears like a logical action by Swatch , even though they might be a little late to the game . For those who didn’t know , Swatch Touch is wristwatch device with touch-screen features which doesn’t exactly have a lot of functions when compared with today’s touch-screen offerings . Its functions include time , date , burglar alarm and a chronograph at this point . 

Swatch rejected partnerships with some companies in the past when it comes to manufacturing their wrist watches , the biggest of them is probably Apple . We hope that Swatch can find its way into the market and that it will stay there , although as we said , they could be a bit late . Today’s market is really crowded with regards to fitness tracking with Garmin , Fitbit , Nike FeelBand , Jawbone , Samsung Gear Fit and full-fledged smartwatch offerings such as Pebble , Android Wear wrist watches and Samsung’s Tizen products . All we can say is , good luck Swatch !

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