Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Samsung's Level 'premium' portable audio line makes its US debut

We were privy to Samsung's premium quality handy audio plans a few days before the rumblings of an Apple/Beats event surfaced . The Level series of compact audio devices advances forward for sale tomorrow ( July 17th ) with appropriately-named choices for over-ear , on-ear , in-ear and Bluetooth audio listening -- covering the same requirements as Dr . Dre's outfit . Level Over , the set of over-ear cans , is the priciest of the good deal , asking $350 for it is active noise cancellation , on-board controls , cordless connectivity and stitched leather-esque accents .

There's additionally a Level App that's meant to tune the set to the natural environment or content you're acquiring . As demonstrated by their monikers , the Level On and also Level In are the on-ear as well as in-ear entries , priced at $180 and $150 respectively . For individuals who have a preference for a wireless speaker , the $170 Level Box is equipped with one-touch NFC or regular ol' Bluetooth pairing for its 15 hours of support . Regrettably , we're waiting to determine the group with our own ears , however you can rest assured we'll offer up detailed observations when we do . The entire line goes on sale at Gilt .com tomorrow , with Amazon , Samsung .com and Best Buy's Samsung Experience Shops offering them all before the end of next week.

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