Monday, 14 July 2014

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos receives

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 customers in India should celebrate as the company has initiated rolling out the Android 4 .4 .2 update in India , in accordance with various media reports . 

News broadcast of the roll-out was initially posted on the XDA community forum by a user who has written , “My Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 got KitKat 4 .4 .2 update at IST 10 :30 hrs on 14/07/2014 . New Build No . KOT49H .G7102XXUBNG4 . New Baseband No . G7102DDUBNF4 .” 

Other customers has replied to his post as well and reconfirmed that the update is indeed rolling out . One user mentioned that the specifications for the update is 360 MB .

To download and install the update , users can turn to the Samsung Kies app or simply download it over-the-air . To check if you smart phone has got the update , just got to Configuration settings on your Galaxy Grand 2 , About Mobile phone and then the Software Update section . Obviously , you will need an active Internet access to start the download . 

So what does the upgrade bring , other than the latest version of Android ? ( Android L is still in overview and developers mode ) According to one user who updated to 4 .4 .2 you will discover some cosmetic changes and an improved user interface

The user pointed out that “default Samsung keyboard emojis are smaller in size,” the S5 calculator is now in the Galaxy Grand 2, and the update seems to bring a boost in performance. However there is no S5 weather widget, no s-memo and no change in camera UI, the user adds. View the full discussion here.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 was launched at a price of Rs 22,999 in India and is currently retailing around Rs 19,900. You can view our full review of the smartphone.

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