Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Open-sounding headphones are exciting to listen to

The SR325e is the high quality model in Grado's Prestige Series , which has been updated for 2014 . It retails for $295 ( readily available for £300 in the UK and $450 in Australia ) and also gives some of the most open , detailed sound you'll discover at this price , and is a remarkable pair of headphones overall . 

Grado , that is certainly based in Brooklyn , N .Y . , and builds most of its solutions there , has not changed the iconic exterior style of the headphones and like its SR325 predecessors ( the previous model was the SR325i ) , his model has the same firm , bowl-shaped foam pads that employ a little more pressure to the outer edges of your ears than the less complicated foam pads of the step-down $99 SR80e , which are certainly more comfortable . The SR8oe headphones are considerably lighter , but not of the same build high quality as the SR325e model . Some people similar to Grado's earpads ( they're user-replaceable , but overall we'd state this model's comfort level isn't up to the degree of its sound quality -- it's good but not great . 

Like all open-back models the SR325e earphones don't block external noise and they also leak sound , so they're not well suited for travelers or cranking your songs in an open office environment . Regrettably , they don't ship with a carrying case . And with the industrial-grade cord and also beefy plug , the reality is that they're designed for house rather than mobile use ( read : it's probably too stubby to fit into your smartphone's headphone jack port , especially if you have a case ) .

Grado earphones are known to have an exciting audio and the new SR325e kicks that excitement up a notch . This new product balances the energy with a richer and satisfied tonal balance than previous generations of Grado's Reputation headphones . Thanks to the open-back design , its stereo system imaging is more spacious and broader than that of closed-back headphones like the Sennheiser Momentum and Beyerdynamic T 51p , as well as the fairly pricier Bowers & Wilkins P7 . The SR325e headphones are also more immediate , brighter , and more detailed-sounding than those several models . But the SR325e's bass is nowhere as full . If you crave full bass , this isn't the one for you . 

On Nine Inch Nails' "Hesitation Marks" album the SR325e's low-end was beautifully described and clear , but the T 51p appeared to be more powerful and its weightier quantities also better tamed the harshness of NIN's percussion . Meanwhile , the P7's bass spirit clobbered the SR325e's , but the P7's vibrant punch is nowhere as lively as the SR325e's . These two versions sound very different -- the P7 is "dark" and subdued while the SR325e clear and bright . 

To put it briefly , the Grado SR325e is great headphone , with noticeable , dynamic , open sound . It's simply not a bass lover's headphone . Still , you'll be hard-pressed to discover a headphone in this price range ( $300 ) that offers better clarity and more spacious stereo imaging . Exactly what YOU'LL PAY

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