Wednesday, 16 July 2014

New fighter pilot helmet delivers night vision without goggles

Fighter pilots have accessibility to helmets with incredible abilities . However , they nonetheless have to strap on heavy nighttime vision goggles to fly during the night -- an all too literal pain in the neck . Much to aircrews' relief , BAE Systems wants to make that clunky headwear a distant memory space . Its brand new Striker II helmet consists of a night vision camera that projects its recording on to the visor's high-resolution display , providing the pilot a good closer look at the outside world without the need for extra machine . The tech should be far more comfortable throughout lengthy missions , specifically in sharp turns where G-forces create any added weight feel that much more intense .

That's not the solely special trick , either . A cluster of lights on the back of the Striker II assist guide a head-tracking system that retains projected in close sync with head movements ; a pilot trapped in a dogfight won't need to wait crucial moments for flight information to drift into view . The gotcha for almost any aspiring aces ? BAE hasn't claimed just when it expects the Striker II to get into service , or who might be a customer . The original Striker is actually in use by air forces flying Eurofighter Typhoons and also Saab Gripens , though , so it makes sense that they'd be a few of the first to line up .

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