Monday, 7 July 2014

little Sony will pump up the sound of your headphones

Its sleek extruded metal casework seems like it will take a beating, and also the front "handles" do not simply look cool -- they protect the volume knob and earphone cable from accidental bumps. It's smaller than most competing amps, however the PHA-2's sound is massive and hefty. it is a very little powerhouse. I largely listened to the PHA-2 mated with my iPod Classic, however it may also work as a USB digital converter/headphone amp along with your laptop or tablet.

Moving to in-ear headphones, with the ultimate Ears UE 900, my impressions of the PHA-2's sound didn't modified. That low-end fullness was, if something, even stronger. The PHA-2 adds respectable oomph to the bass and dynamic punch. The UE 900's sound was energized by the PHA-2. Returning to the sound on the market from the iPod Classic's phone jack was a serious disappointment.

Connectivity choices include USB Micro-B input (for charging), USB Mini-B input (for Sony Walkman), USB normal type A (for iPod, iPhone, and iPad), plus the 3.5mm phone jack and 3.5 millimeter analog jack.

The analog jack is switchable between input and output, and also the PHA-2 only supports android devices over the analog input. The PHA-2 will play MP3, ALAC, 192kHz FLAC and DSD high-resolution files. most playtime is simply 6.5 hours. The amp measures a trim 2.67 by 1.14 by 5.5 inches (68 by 29 by 140mm), and weighs 4.2 ounces (119 grams).

Pitting the PHA-2 against another moveable amp/converter, the $700/£560 Centrance Hi-Fi M8, was an interesting study in distinction. The mellower-sounding PHA-2 took the edge off harsh recordings, but with great recordings I appreciated the Hi-Fi M8's superior gauzy transparency. The sound was more exciting than the PHA-2. That one has less treble resolution and texture than the Hi-Fi M8.

It's accessible now direct from Sony for $600 within the us, and from on-line resellers within the uk for around £350, or around AU$490 in Australia.

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