Monday, 21 July 2014

LG G3 review

People say all positive things come to those who wait around and it seems like the G3 was quite well worth the wait after all . With a launch price of Rs 47 ,990 for the 16GB version , the G3 is right here for to satiate your flagship appetite . Here’s our review of LG’s flagship after a week’s utilization . 

Design and style and Build 
Similar to all the current flagship Android cell phones , the G3 is a well-done advancement of the G2 . The screen size is larger at 5 .5-inches however LG has managed to maintain the dimensions closer to a 5-inch telephone , which is highly admirable . This is now the second mobile phone in India to sport an Ultra HD image resolution of 2560 x 1440 , pushing the pixel count to a annoying 534ppi . It’s an IPS LCD display along with the brightness ranges are very good making it easily legible outside . The shades don’t seem too accurate however when compared with Full HD IPS displays or AMOLED exhibits . The difference is only noticeable in comparison however . 

Along with the new design and style , the interface has also gone through a major overhaul and finally , LG provides a very aesthetically appealing UI . The brand new ‘flat theme’ is visible through the menu and icons . We really like the color scheme and the look of the toggle switches and also animations . Functionality-wise , LG has stuck with their tried and tested apps like QSlide and Quick Remote and has added a few more to the mix . 

Mass media playback was spot on , both with the capabilities and output . The re-designed participant looks slick and is great to use . Apart from the equalizer presets , you can also change the pitch and speed of playback . You can throw music to a media server through the app as well and switch to the music video of the song you’re listening to .

In the 16GB model you will have about 7 .38GB of available space . Don’t be concerned though as you can increase this up to 128GB through a microSD card . For days when any amount storage space is not enough , FM Radio is also available . 

The LG G3 is among the few cell phones in India to support 4G LTE when it rolls out . You also acquire quad-band 3G and 2G and the rest of the offerings like Wi-Fi ‘ac’ , Bluetooth v4 .0 , IR , GLONASS , NFC , wireless re-charging and USB OTG . LG doesn’t include an excessive amount bloatware thankfully as you only obtain some handy tools like ThinkFree Spectator and some added security features like McAfee Safety . You also get more LG apps through LG’s SmartWorld app store . 

The 13MP OIS camera from the G2 continues to be tweaked and fettled about to deliver better pictures . We now have a laser-guided auto-focus which is really fast in locking focus in objects . The new interface is also much easier to use and navigate through . Low-light overall performance is very good and also better than the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 , leaving it comparable with the HTC M8 . 4K video recording works out and you can even do slow movement at 120fps . What’s missing is a Full HD at 60fps mode . 

Battery life 
You’ll be satisfied to know that the 2K display doesn’t make as much of a difference in the battery life as the Oppo Find 7 . You can still expect the full days’ worth of usage and then some . It’s not as good as the battery life of the G2 but it’s not horrible either . 

Outcome and Cost in India 
At Rs 47 ,990 , the LG G3 is a great pick as far as flagship Androids go . It has a rock-hard feature set backed up by very good style and build quality which makes it highly respectable . The 2K display probably will not change your life to be honest and in all honesty , we wouldn’t have minded the G2’s display as well , which was quite brilliant to begin with . The reason we recommend the G3 over the is for the camera , 4G that ( will ) operate in India and premium look and feel . 

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