Monday, 14 July 2014

Lab-grown 'real' cheese made without milk

Real vegan cheese . An oxymoron , but probably not for very long . A few biohackers , which is a thing now , consider they can make cheese without milk . Furthermore , it apparently tastes like good , legitimate cheese , rather than some vegan-friendly substitute mess . The SF-based iGEM group state it's made from baker's yeast . The team is able to make cheese proteins using genetic sequences found in mammals , inserting the DNA blueprints into the previously mentioned yeast , and it's all vegan-compatible given it doesn't need animal products to make the proteins .

Weirder ( or creepier determined by how you view it ) some of the DNA strands in a few of their cheeses come from humans . The reasoning there is that milk proteins made from our own varieties could offer reduced allergic reactions . But like artificial meat before it , real fake food is still costly to make : the group's Indiegogo fundraiser has accumulated over $15 ,000 and still has a month to go . Four different yeast variations are planned , while the team also promises to collect all their research into a public wiki . As with nearly everything delicious in life , it'll need FDA acceptance before it can line shelves alongside real real cheese.


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