Thursday, 31 July 2014

Interactive Magic Mirror

We certainly have seen our reasonable share of interactive mirrors in the past ( which includes an augmented reality one ) , but this individual model hails from the research & development lab at the New York Times that results in a page from the future . This mirror is unique as it not only helps you stay away from getting nicks whenever you shave , but it surely is also capable of sending different kinds of mass media content to your eyes at any time stand in front of it . It is speculated that a Philips Mirror TV is in use here , in which is connected to a Microsoft Kinect sensor that could be located right on top of the mirror . 

Relying upon both voice recognition and movement sensing from the Kinect , the Mirror TV will let you check out what exactly are the big ticket news items featured on the New York Times that day , although allowing you to view the calendar for your prearranged appointments , peruse through a burgeoning inbox , and even keep on being up to speed with the latest Facebook and Twitter updates . Apart from that , you will additionally be able to know just what the weather is like for the day – although sometimes this kind of predictions aren’t too accurate because of global warming that throws our weather almost all out of whack . 

The mirror also can scan RFID tags so that you can retrieve further information and facts concerning a sample product . Whenever used for online clothes shopping as you have seen above , the mirror will depend on the Kinect digital camera to scan an image of your body type , to ensure that different clothing items could be overlaid on your body before you actually make a purchase decision . 

This continues to be a prototype as at press time , but it would go to show just how far the Kinect system can be executed in everyday life .

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