Thursday, 17 July 2014

Google confirms Android Wear will support custom watch faces

From its beginning , the Android platform has been well known for being heavily customized . As such , it's not exactly a pleasant surprise to hear The search engines say its new smartwatch ecosystem , Android Wear , is due to assistance watch faces from third-party developers . In spite of this , having actual confirmation makes for perfect peace of mind . In a Google+ post , Wear's Senior Developer Advocate , Wayne Piekarski , interpreted this would be the situation , stating that the team is already focusing on a custom watch face API . "Customization has helped Android thrive , and the same will likely be true for Android Wear ," he wrote . The incoming API will make it "as simple as possible" for devs to make all-around great keep an eye on faces , ones which can look good , not drain a battery and blend well with the wrist watches card-based UI . Piekarski said "some" of these things won't be available until later on this year , but that they are , without a doubt , on their way . So , don't worry , soon enough you'll have better ( and official ) selections to deck out that smart tick-tock wearable of yours .

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