Sunday, 20 July 2014

Control high-speed photography from your phone with this camera trigger

Digital photography is generally challenging if you're not an experienced professional . You might have a quick digital camera and flash , but you almost certainly don't have the gear ( or people ) you'd need to get that frozen-in-time appear in most situations . MIOPS' new camera cause might make it easier to seize high-speed shots all by your lonesome , although . By itself , it can tell a DSLR to seize a shot and fire your flash whenever it detects light , motion or sound ; you can capture lighting the moment it strikes , or your kitten the moment it bolts across the room in your home . The device supports external sensors similar to pressure pads , too .

It actually will come alive if you pay money for the Ultimate variant , which contributes remote control from a Bluetooth-equipped Android or iOS gadget . Unlike most trigger apps , MIOPS' mobile phone software lets you set up capture situation that only take pictures under very specific circumstances . You can set it to take time-lapse photographs as soon as it gets dark , and snap additional lightning images if a big storm brews ; in short , you shouldn't need to keep a close watch over your camera .

MIOPS is aiming at crowdfunding to obtain its peripheral off the ground . If you're at all intrigued by the concept , you can agree $189 for the Basic unit , or $229 for Ultimate . The whole thing should ship in December , as long as everything goes according to plan . That's lots of money to spend for a specialist tool , but it might pay back if you're keen to shoot more than just the usual portraits and still life scenes .

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