Monday, 9 June 2014

What’s new in Lumia 630

Nokia, currently owned by Microsoft, demonstrated plenty of firsts in its release of the Lumia 630 recently. it's the primary of the Lumia series to sport dual SIM functionality and one amongst the first to come back pre-loaded with Windows Phone 8.1, the latest version of Microsoft’s smartphone OS (OS).

Nigerians, because of the never-ending network issues, have since found a way out of this quagmire by owning a lot of than one SIM on totally different networks, so dual-SIM phones haven't simply become common but a necessary feature

The screen type is a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, with 16M colors with approximately 218 ppi pixel density. Gorilla Glass is reputed to be scratch resistant, something other budget smartphones grossly lack. There are cutouts at the top and bottom of the phone for the earpiece and microphone.

It has a removable plastic rear shell similar to previous Nokia smartphones.  There is a variety of colours to choose from when it comes to the phone casing. As with other Nokia phones Nigerians have known, quality and durability have been assured, and Lumia 630 is not expected to fall short in this area. 

Something to look forward to in the new Lumia 630 is what the upgraded OS, Windows Phone 8.1 needs to supply.

According to the manufacturers, in Windows Phone 8.1, “If you’ve missed a call, been mentioned in a Tweet, or received an SMS, you’ll currently notice all of those things in one place – the new Action Center. alongside your notifications.

The Update report said that Windows 8.1 comes “packed with sensors that will accurately read a lot of of your regular activities. You’ll be ready to determine what number steps you're taking, how briskly you run and wherever you always spend your time (if you didn’t already know). Not only this, however it uses a whit of power doing thus, thus preserving your battery. With this comes a slew totally different health and fitness apps.” 

Another new feature in Windows Phone 8.1 is Cortana. Cortana is the Windows phone version of Apple’s Siri on iPhone and Google currently on automaton. it's a voice motor-assisted search service with artificial intelligence that may alter supply for data.

Other options of the Lumia 630 include helpful apps. one of such is that the Here Maps app which the makers say will provide the user with “minute-by-minute departure times and walking distances. Here Drive may be employed in the automobile for turn-by-turn voice-guided directions. It additionally has offline maps to alter you discover your manner even once you’re roaming or while not a symptom.”

Office apps include excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive storage for documents and notes. Adobe Reader comes as a free download.

The Lumia 630 is driven by a snapdragon 400 Quad-core processor operating at a really good speed of 1.2GHz. However, the 512MB memory isn't up to par with the 1GB available on some android phones among an equivalent value vary. The larger the memory, the a lot of applications the smartphone will open at an equivalent time and handle with speed. If you're user who isn't thus into apps, that RAM size is honest enough.

In general, Windows Phone 8.1 is snappy and responsive. it's a 8GB of internal storage and a micro SD slot expandable up to 128 GB.

The downside of a lack of apps in Microsoft’s app store remains a problem for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones, and also the absence of a front-facing camera in the Lumia 630 could be a problem if you would like to use Skype. It features a 5-megapixel camera with no flash.

The smartphone is battery-powered by an 1830mAh battery that's removable. this is continuously a welcome “feature” if your phone gets wet or falls into a water body. you can simply open up the phone, pull out the battery and save the phone from short-circuiting or different harm liquids might cause.

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