Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Treadmill washes your clothes using human kinetic power

We’ve seen some pretty whacky inventions over the years, but The Wheel that could be a treadmill that washes garments while you burn collieries are some things out of the ordinary. What this appliance does is it turns you into a person's guinea pig and harnesses the kinetic energy created once running to power an integrated washer.

Seoul-based industrial designer Si Hyeong Ryu is that the brains behind The Wheel and he states that the most point here is that the combination of health with purpose. except promoting the importance of exercise in your daily routine, The Wheel options an eco-friendly style which helps conserve power. As its name suggests, the contraction is essentially formed as a wheel and it's a awfully art movement look.

Inside the tube, you’ll notice the treadmill with a rubber layer that converts the kinetic energy into electricity. Fitted within the body is that the vat and also the eco washing ball that not solely speeds up the laundry method, however additionally uses less water. each elements spin as you run and if there’s unused power, it will be hold on to be used at a later time once there’s nobody around to run otherwise you like doing the laundry with leisure. On the surface, there’s an interface that provides knowledge like running speed, and a versatile show is positioned at the front of the runner. Lastly, a solar panel covers the highest and sides.

The Wheel could be a abstract style that was originally revealed on Yano design. it's currently been entered into the 2014 Electrolux style lab, a contest wherever ‘innovative concepts for future households’ are presented.

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