Monday, 30 June 2014

Solar-powered smart park benches charge your gear

Park benches are typically pretty passive objects. You sit on them to scan the paper or watch your youngsters on the playground. changing Environments, a product company from the MIT Media laboratory, thinks benches ought to do plenty over just sit around.

The Soofa may be a solar-powered bench that may be wont to charge tiny gadgets via USB. that is not the outside furniture's only trick. every bench conjointly acts as a knowledge hub, assembling data on noise levels and air quality. That information will be accessible on-line, therefore you'll check to ascertain if it's sunny, cool, quiet, or loud at your favorite bench location.

The first benches are being put in in Boston and Cambridge, Mass., tho' the live knowledge feed is not up and running for them quite however. once it goes live, internet guests to the Soofa web site are going to be able to see what number folks have used the bench for charging, the typical variety of daily guests, the hours of star charging provided, and information on the surroundings around it.

"We wish to activate town and make a replacement shared social experience," says Jutta Friedrichs, co-founder of fixing Environments. "Computers took folks off the streets. we envision Soofas acting as magnets that invite folks to get pleasure from the outside whereas reading the news, sharing a video, or catching up on email without fear of running out of power."

The company envisions a widespread network of Soofas which will encourage the technical school crowd to pay longer outside whereas conjointly keeping town dwellers higher knowing regarding their surroundings. The pilot installations in Boston are funded by Cisco Systems at no value to town.

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