Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Samsung Z is Galaxy on the outside, Tizen on the inside

While Samsung has been a loyal proponent of android for quite your time, it is also spent the past few years change of state up its own open-source mobile OS referred to as Tizen. once many prototypes and revisions, the company finally saw match to unveil the Samsung Z -- its 1st ever Tizen smartphone -- a couple of days agone. it absolutely was easily the star of the show at the Tizen developer conference here in metropolis, therefore we were eager to take it for a spin.

At first glance, you'd be forgiven if you mistook the Samsung Z for one amongst the company's alternative Galaxy S handsets. It's all very acquainted, from the Samsung logo at the highest right down to the only physical home button at very cheap. Flanking the button on either aspect are hot keys for the menu and back functions severally, which, again, mirrors its android cousins. Flip it around, and you will notice that the rear is roofed in this acquainted fake animal skin material we have seen on alternative Samsung devices too. It will have chiseller edges than either the recent S5 or the Note three, however, with blandish sides and a so much blockier aesthetic.

Still, the Z itslef felt pretty solid from our couple of minutes handling it, and that 4.8-inch 720p HD AMOLED display remained sharp and spirited below the show floor's fluorescent lights. On either aspect of the phone are buttons for volume and power, whereas Associate in Nursing 8-megapixel camera with crystal rectifier flash sits on the rear. alternative specs embody a two.1-megapixel front-facing cam, 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot, a generous two,600mAh battery and a two.3GHz Qualcomm flower processor. It even contains a power saving mode, a fingerprint device and a pulse rate monitor -- you know, like that Galaxy S5.

But enough of the hardware. Let's get down to what sets this phone apart from the remainder of Samsung's mobile lineup -- the Tizen software system. We'll just say it upfront: it's quite an bit like android, or at least, the TouchWiz version of Google's mobile OS. The app drawer, notification tray and settings page are very similar in look and feel to what we've seen on the GS5. like the image we tend to saw some months past, you'll be able to even fill the house screen with Tizen's "Dynamic Boxes," or what the rest folks decision customizable widgets. you'll be able to apparently have as several as 9 different home screens, and adding or removing these dynamic boxes is as simple as pressing and holding on the touch screen. Further, the camera app is nearly just like that of alternative Samsung devices, with similar settings like "Best photo" and "Beauty face."

There are many unambiguously Tizen touches that stand out, however. the most obvious one is that instead of simply four or 5 favorite apps on all-time low of the home screen, you have as many as eight. additionally, after you swipe up on those favorite apps, you'll pull them to the top, revealing a split screen of the rest of your apps beneath. From there, you can navigate your app drawer as per usual by swiping left and right. you can also cluster apps along in a {very} see-thru folder that look very like those on iOS. Also, once you're in split-screen mode like this, you'll be able to simply swap out your favorite apps by dragging and dropping them around as you see match. tho' it is a rather little issue, we tend to also likable {that you|that you simply|that you simply} may change the interface's color theme just by swapping out the wallpaper.

Understandably, there weren't that a lot of apps that we could play around with on the Z, as Tizen is such a young OS. Tizen apps are basically internet applications, engineered on standards like WebKit and HTML5. a fast look at the Tizen Store unconcealed a astonishingly healthy range of apps, tho' not ones from recognizable publishers. As you would possibly expect, the Z supports most of Samsung's own applications, like S Health, S Voice and S Translate, all of that we saw on our show floor model.

if Tizen, and the Z, ar additional signs of Samsung making an attempt to exit of Google's software system shadow.

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