Sunday, 22 June 2014

Playing 'Death from Above' with Oculus Rift

Last time we contend a computer game game designed by the folks from Chaotic Moon, we were giving a bunch of digital sharks the business with our Engadget fists of fury. weekday night at Engadget live in Austin, we contend a brand new game, referred to as Death from on top of, that cavitied editor against editor. the sport itself is fairly simple: drive a landrover over hill and valley to the security of a bunker whereas a second player makes an attempt to bomb aforementioned landrover into oblivion. the motive force straps on an imaginative eye Rift dev kit headset, some headphones and uses a Logitech sport wheel and pedal band to pilot the landrover, whereas player 2 rains death victimisation an iPad and a companion app. it is a distinctive take on VR gameplay, and one that enables for a a lot of social playing expertise. Also, it is a heap of fun.

Driving the landrover was an intense expertise once the bombs begin falling. Graphics are not up to par with say, next-gen consoles, just because the resolution of the OG Rift headset cannot show such fidelity. Still, Death from on top of uses the Unity game engine, therefore it's going to get there once Chaotic Moon gets the sport running on a high definition DK2 headset. Regardless, it is a blast to play. I found my pulse quickening and that i started white knuckling the steering wheel once i used to be engulfed in digital smoke and flame from falling bombs. each different time I've contend a VR game with the eye Rift, it has been a visceral, participating expertise, and Death from on top of is not any completely different.

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