Monday, 9 June 2014

LG launches Lifeband Touch

The new computerised wristband tracks workouts and calories burned and syncs with the LG Fitness app on an iPhone, iPad or android device. It also can control music on a phone and alerts incoming calls and emails, at least for android users.

The Lifeband marks the entry of LG electronics inc. into the fledgling market of wearable gadgets and follows smartwatches from Samsung electronics Co., Sony Corp. and others. LG started selling the Lifeband within the U.S. last month for $150. it will be obtainable in parts of Asia and Europe in returning weeks.

As a fitness tracker, the Lifeband is supposed to be used a lot outdoors. however its finger-length bit screen is difficult to see in direct daylight.For simply $50 additional, you'll get Samsung’s Gear match with a sickle-shaped screen capable of displaying clear and spirited colours and that is readable in direct daylight. The LG’s screen offers solely black and white.

The Lifeband doesn’t have a strap that may be mounted and adjusted to the scale of the wearer’s gliding joint. Rather, it's a bendable plastic band, with a spot that widens to let the wrist sneak in. The band then locks itself in situ once on the wrist.
Although not having a strap to buckle on and off makes the Lifeband simple to wear and take away, it'll dangle if the band is just too massive. The Lifeband comes in 3 sizes, and if your wrist is narrower, you would possibly got to pull the wristband toward your forearm. in contrast, you'll alter the Gear’s strap.

You click the device’s timer before beginning a effort, like a run. Afterward, the phone or tablet app shows the route on with the distance, calories consumed and speed.
The Lifeband additionally counts the amount of steps walked throughout the day. It also can live pulse with a $180 companion headphone.

— FITNESS employment
The Lifeband vibrated as I got nearer to the goal I set of 1 hour of walking daily. At 1 / 4 of the manner in, it vibrated and displayed: “25 % achieved.” It also vibrates randomly moments and tells you to “Stretch stretch” or “Move move.”
That was additional distracting than motivating. It’s one factor to have a personal trainer at a athletic facility tell you what to do. 

The Lifeband alerts you to incoming calls, however it cannot receive or make calls.The Lifeband additionally offers notifications for incoming emails however not once it’s paired with an iPhone or associate iPad. With android, you get the sender’s name and subject line, however none of the message itself. It’s a typical drawback with the tiny screens on gliding joint devices, and it left me curious why i might would like one.

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