Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hey Joe travel mug brews coffee on the go with a push of a button

With transportable coffee machines, French press mugs and different brewing gadgets percolating up everywhere the place and coffee retailers on each second intersection, you would be forgiven for inquisitive, will procuring a cup got to be from now on convenient? For a try of Atlanta-based entrepreneurs, the solution is, yes, that is why they developed the Hey Joe mug that may prepare a brew on demand, which means a recent cup of low is just ever a push of a button away.

"The mug will hold fourteen oz (414 ml) of water and brew fourteen oz of low this can be somewhere in between a tall and a grande at Starbucks.

The 0.9 lb (408 g) brew mug uses a vertically stacked 2 reservoir system, giving it a tall and slender form. Water is poured into the higher compartment at any temperature and is then warm by a heating plate across the highest and therefore the bottom compartments. Once the water reaches a planned temperature, it drips through a hole and onto the low pod that is seated in a very slippery receptacle within the center of the mug. From here, the low fills rock bottom reservoir with the recent plate continued to manage the temperature.

This is equipped in motion with a push of the button placed on the aspect of the mug. One push can see low brewed at 140° F (60° C), 2 pushes heats things up to 155° F (68° C), whereas 3 pushes can prepare a serve of cold coffee. This method takes from a moment and a 0.5 for cold drip, to 3 minutes for decent, reckoning on what proportion liquid you set in

The Hey Joe mug works with the company's custom low pods containing either its daring as Love, that is delineate as a full bodied mix, or its Red House mix, that is nearer to a medium roast. the corporate claims the massive amounts of waste created by portable low was a part of the inspiration for Hey Joe, and that they haven't restricted this eco-friendly approach to the mug solely. The pods use perishable packaging and conjointly contain flower seeds, which means that after they are done respiratory new life into your day, they'll be planted to bring new life to your garden still.

As far as the coffee itself, it is  not just a neat idea, but a product that actually delivered a high quality cup of coffee


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