Monday, 23 June 2014

Harley-Davidson's electric motorcycle concept

Harley-Davidson dropped a bombshell last week on a motorcycle world that is associated the name with bikes that rumble and roar for generations. It announced a quiet but fast electrical bike conception dubbed "Project LiveWire" and promised that it'd supply regular riders the possibility to undertake one presently.

Over the weekend, the company proclaimed more details regarding the Project LiveWire tour, that kicks off Tues in new york.

An earlier press release announcing Project LiveWire disclosed that the tour would include a trip down Route sixty six, the iconic previous set of highways from Chicago to los angeles via the southwest us,, and visit a minimum of 30 dealerships in 2014.

While Harley-Davidson wants you to do its new electric bike, it does not want to sell you one anytime soon. consistent with the Project LiveWire FAQ:

"We're taking the Project LiveWire motorcycle expertise round the country this year, and continue within the us, canada and Europe in 2015. We'll gain feedback from real riders on what they're yearning for during this variety of vehicle... Any final selections regarding whether or not to bring an electrical motorbike to plug - and once - are going to be created at a later date."

That's nice, however the a lot of impactful call on the longer term of Harley-Davidson's image are going to be whether or not to put in charging stations at the Sturgis, S.D., web site of 1 of the largest annual motorbike rallies within the world. onerous to imagine a brand new generation of riders armed with extension cords, unless perhaps they are animal skin cords.

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