Friday, 6 June 2014

Asus displays World's largest' 32-inch curved monitor

Samsung and LG are pushing curved TVs on top of curved phones, and currently Asus is joining the party with a 32-inch monitor that additionally sports a mild arc.

The model was on display at the Asus stand at Computex where the attractive style and great picturescreated it alittle of a head-turning exhibit.

The display features a widescreen quad HD resolution -- 2,560x1,440 -- beside a 16:9 ratio. It uses DisplayPort and features a 250cd/m2 brightness.

Not much else is understood -- it is a model on balance -- however it is a very attractive piece of kit and one we'd wish to see it enter actual production.

As we said, the display was crisp, clean, and bright, however it absolutely was the particular style of the monitor that actually affected. The metal end round the edge and therefore the cunningly worked stand would be even as reception on a flagship TV vary as a pc monitor.

We've definitely been dubious concerning curved displays in the past, but lots of our problems are aroundwhether or not the curve creates issues for people on the periphery of the viewing angle.

For a TV -- wherever multiple individuals are likely to be look along -- that is a problem. but for a monitor (or a phone), the individual is typically within the viewing "sweet spot" by default.

We can't say whether or not a arciform pc monitor would truly produce an "immersive and cinematic"expertise, however we are able to say that the Asus model may be a stunning beast that we'd like to see on our desks.

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