Thursday, 5 June 2014

Amazon 1st smartphone to be out on 18 June

The Amazon smartphone has been doing the rounds on the net for quite a while now and it's like we’ll finally get to witness the ultimate product on June eighteen. Amazon isn't giving freely any hints on whether or not it’s another tablet of indeed, their initial smartphone though trade analysts are leaning towards the latter.

Whatever the device may well be, the show or user interface seems to be the highlight of the device. Amazon has released a teaser video in which “Amazon customers” are merely stumped by what they're seeing. all of them appear to be tilting their heads in different angles and are pretty proud of the results. This appears to be a clear indication that the new Amazon device can have a 3D display or a minimum of a 3D interface that interacts along with your head movement.

What it’s not
When we say 3D, our minds automatically race to the 3D effect of televisions but this is not the case this time. OEM’s have experimented with 3D smartphones within the past, that didn't finish well. Remember the LG Optimus 3D and the HTC Evo 3D? The phones had a fun novelty factor which wore off rather quickly. Amazon’s device won't shoot 3D pictures or video as that idea on a mobile device has been proved to be commercial flop.

What it could be
Some of the dialogue from the teaser provides us an extra hint that Amazon’s new user interface can take centre stage. Words like “It moved with me” and “pretty damn intuitive” recommend you’ll be ready to navigate through the menus or perform menial tasks like shift between apps or closing an app, by merely tilting the phone around.

The demo device use eye-tracking and 3D display to relinquish you additional depth to what you’re seeing. this permits the computer programmer to eat up extra data or sub-menus in layers, which may be visible as presently as you tilt it at an exact angle.

This is just like the optical phenomenon impact for the icons that Apple other in iOS seven, solely far more advanced. The teaser video doesn’t show the user truly touching the device which suggests this this Amazon’s smartphone may work entirely on gestures, if you wish it to.

This could additionally open up doors to a brand new breed of games and apps, specifically designed with gestures in mind.

The new Amazon device can most like be running a forked version of android so you must be ready to get a number of your favorite apps running additionally. The gesture and eye-tracking options are tightly integrated with Amazon’s apps just like the Kindle reader. It’ll be interesting to visualize however Amazon leverages this 3D technique to boost the user expertise at intervals standard apps.

As for the name, your guess is nearly as good as ours. we have a tendency to doubt they’d keep company with their existing complete of fireplace or Kindle, if this is often so a brand new wares. Only time period to travel before the speculation ends.


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