Sunday, 1 June 2014

Acer Iconia Tab 8 boasts 1080p screen with quad-core

Acer is known for creating reasonably affordable devices, but it's additionally somewhat known for skimping on features simply to succeed in that tag. With the new Iconia Tab eight, however, the manufacturer can be giving android tablet users a handy and somewhat good trying and performing option.

Let's begin with the screen and the size, the 8-inch IPS show that dicot genus has cuffed on this pill. The resolution is sort of high, simply a wee bit above the same old Full HD range with 1920x1200 pixels. acer also boasts of using Zero Air Gap technology. in a shell, this suggests that there's less distance between the digital display and therefore the bit module, which ends up in less reflections, a lot of responsive interactions, and a slimmer profile. there's conjointly an anti-fingerprint coating to cut back the chance of smudges ruin your viewing expertise.

Going within, we meet a quad-core mobile chip from Intel, an Intel Atom Z3745 to be exact, running at max speeds of almost two GHz. the precise performance of Intel chips in android tablets and smartphones is not exactly well-documented, but it might still be better than some cheaper alternatives out there. RAM size is not known, however this Intel chip is capable of supporting a soap of 4 GB, though we'll possibly see solely 2 GB at the foremost. For network connectivity, it solely will WiFi, supporting the 801.22a/b/g/n standards. Details on different hardware like front and rear cameras and battery ar scarce, although the latter is publicised to last 7.5 hours once look a video.

The Iconia Tab 8 sports a metallic rear plate that would provide this tablet a a lot of or less premium look. The 360 g weight and 8.5 millimeter thinness conjointly goes in its favor as a tool that might be comfy to carry in one hand. valuation details ar still unknown however dicot genus is progressing to launch the pill round the third quarter this year, thus we'll possibly recognize before then.


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