Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Volvo Starts testing self-driving cars

No matter whether car drivers are prepared for it , self-driving vehicles are moving forward at a speedy pace . Making good on an news release from late 2013 , Volvo turns into the latest automaker to begin testing on public roads . The first test passenger cars of the planned 100-car fleet are now out and about on the roadways in its headquarter city of Gothenburg , Sweden . 

Volvo names the project "Drive Me ," and it's being done with the cooperation of federal government and local government agencies and officials . Volvo confirmed last week that car drivers are taking the wheels of semi-autonomous vehicles on 31 miles ( 50 km ) of commuter routes around the city . 

"The test automobiles are now able to handle lane following , velocity adaption and merging traffic all by themselves ," explains Erik Coelingh , a engineering consulstant . "This is a significant approach towards our goal that the final 'Drive Me' cars are going to drive the complete test route in highly autonomous mode . The technology , which will be called Autopilot , allows the driver to submit the driving to the vehicle , which takes care of all driving functions ." 

Volvo has emerged as one of the frontrunners in smart car research , developing alternative technologies such as car-to-infrastructure communications and magnetic assistance . These technologies could ultimately join existing systems like auto braking and lane-keeping aid , helping Volvo meet its ambitious goal of eliminating vehicular deaths and serious injuries in its models by 2020 . 

Volvo plans a in small stages approach which will begin with the all-new XC-90 , which can roll out later this year . That model can embody reconciling controller and road edge detection , each of which can have steering assist capabilities . From there , it plans to equip cars for autonomously following traffic and steering at route speeds , adding further autonomous technologies till the automobile is ready to require over all driving whenever the driver sees fit . 

"This public pilot can give us with a valuable insight into the societal edges of constructing autonomous vehicles a natural a part of the traffic setting 

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