Monday, 5 May 2014

Vhoto app automatically pulls the best photos from your iPhone videos

A brand new app for iOS branded as Vhoto permits consumers to extract still frames from an apple iphone video clip . The app choose your videos for the most effective frames and then offers Instagram-style filtering , modifying , and sharing , reports ANI . iOS users can download the app for free from the Apple App store 
On the face of it , this app might appear to be just one more photography app for your smart phone , but it has some really serious picture identification technology powering it . Vhoto reportedly picks the ‘best’ pictures . 

Not 1000s of individual frames you have to sift through your self , but a culled choice of the “best” pictures , as determined by Vhoto’s proprietary tech .” So in a way , it sorts out the video frame by frame and saves the ones with the most recognisable details . 

The built in technology gauges capabilities like blur , contrast , faces , smiles and is capable of extracting the best moments from the video recording , points out the report . Users can either directly shoot a video using the Vhoto app and it also works on an existing video from the device . 

Once the Vhoto technical processes the complete video , it displays all the thumbnails that were captured . Users can even choose to edit the photos by simply tapping on the thumbnail . The app offers Instagram-style filters , image adjustments like contrast and saturation , and flip/rotate . The app also allows users to share the photo directly via email and social networks like Facebook , Instagram and so on .

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