Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Toshiba KIRAbook™ Laptops exemplify inspired engineering

The Kira is targeted at being Toshiba's "ultimate Ultrabook ." The organization utilized that incredibly phrase when it declared the machine in January . Bearing that in mind , one should anticipate some-thing extremely special .

Toshiba is attempting at with the Kira is a luxury portable entertainment equipment . Almost all the language used in Toshiba's introductory press release and product information is concentrated around a great-looking display screen , great-sounding sound and great overall performance . Recommendations to a "sleek design" and "exceptional craftsmanship" also tilt at the company's wish to include good looks in the Kira's luxurious stockpile . 

Appearance and feel 
Smooth is certainly a expression you could utilize to describe the Kira . The device uses grey , brushed magnesium alloy for its case , which provides it an excellent but simple feel . With the display screen closed , the Kira's curved , tapered bottom gives the device a sort of creative , aerodynamic appearance . It seems strong and well made , but at 1 .35 kg ( 3 lb ) isn't at all weighty . 

There is no catch to hold the display screen closed and it simply raises up away from the base , as it is the situation with more and more laptop computers these days . The hinge feels extremely sturdy and the display screen will lean back by about 45 degrees . As soon as , the device shows off a backlit computer keyboard along with its touchpad , which is nicely framed with a beveled surround . 

The top-case environment the keyboard and the keyboard itself feel perhaps a little plasticy . That may be a little unfair , simply because the top-case still makes use of the the brushed metal , but its finish doesn't look quite as processed as that on the back of the screen . 

The sunken Scrabble-tile computer keyboard is satisfying to type on . If you're not useful to typing on Ultrabooks you might find it a little cramped , but that's some-thing you'll likely get used to instantly . There's a perfect balance between the keys needing a soft-touch and jumping back into place receptively . There's a touch of sideways motion in the keys , but absolutely nothing that suggests that the build quality isn't up to scratch . 

Overall performance 
The Kira is supported by an Intel Core i7-4500U processor , which is certainly one of the fastest processors available on the market . It is the same processor and version used by the highest spec of Dell's premium Ultrabook , the XPS 13 . The Notebookcheck benchmarking site has the 4500U trumping the Macbook Air's enhanced i7-4650U in 3DMark graphics assessments , while their speeds range from 1700-3300 MHz and 1800-3000 MHz respectively . Therefore , there's not a lot between the processors in any of the three machines . 

The Kira has three USB ports and a mini HDMI port , as well as an full-size SD card slot . Unfortunately , there is no Ethernet port , which means users are confined to Wi-Fi for internet access . 

Display screen 
The 2560 x 1440 PixelPure screen is the Kira's celebration piece and it is , honestly , spectacular . Colors are as strong and rich as you could aspire for on a laptop display screen . Toshiba boasts that the Kira has 90 percentage more pixels than regular HD and it demonstrates . Text and background graphics are attractively precise and HD video is a joy to watch . It almost appears a waste that the screen is only 13 inches . 

Toshiba tends to make much of the Kira's "custom-made" Harman Kardon audio speakers with "enhanced surround sound ." The truth is , the audio output from the speakers is absolutely nothing to get excited about . The top quality is clear enough , but the volume definitely isn't going to trouble your neighbors , and there is very little bass . 

The Kira is an extraordinary piece of equipment . It's fast and the display screen is stunning . There are a few niggles which will hopefully be ironed out by the time the second generation of the Kira is launched . There's still space for refining the style , for instance , and there's certainly scope for improving the built-in speaker systems . 

Perhaps the area that most needs consideration , though , is price . The Kira is listed for £1 ,299 ( US$2 ,190 ) in the UK . The highest possible spec Dell XPS comes in at £150 ( $253 ) less and is very identical specs-wise , while you can pick up a 13-in MacBook Air with a comparable i7 processor from £1 ,129 ( $1 ,900 ) 


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