Friday, 23 May 2014

Surface Pro 3 vs Macbook Air: Specs faceoff

Microsoft’s Surface area strategies are no longer a secret . After a handful of attempts at becoming the de facto Windows tablet , the latest Surface area tablet finally looks promising . While every person was expecting a smaller , Surface mini tablet , Microsof company took every person by surprise by launching the Pro 3 with an impressive 12-inch display . The spectacular design and style , uber-portability , and its capability to transform into a fully operational laptop , locations it as a direct competitor to the Macbook Air . So , we’ve made the decision to put both devices in the ring , for a specs show down . 

Microsoft has taken criticism quite seriously , and bounced back with a sleek and trendy hybrid . The Surface Pro 3 is extremely light at 798 grams . Right now , this may be a large figure for tabs , but one shouldn’t forget that the Pro 3 is a completely ‘portable desktop’ with Intel chipsets inside . Moreover , at that excess weight it is quite lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Air , which weighs in at 1 .3Kg . 
The device also provides more viewing real-estate compared to the Air . The Pro 3 also brings in ease of use with the two-position kickstand which has been improved to bend event at an angle of 150 degrees . It also adds a detachable computer keyboard , transforming the tablet into a laptop . On the other hand , the Macbook Air offers a solid typing experience , some say the best , with its built-in keyboard . 
The Surface Pro 3 also comes equipped with a smart pen which gives you more options than just mouse and keyboard . 

The biggest shift in the Surface Pro 3 is the massive jump in the screen size from 10 .6-inch to 12-inch . The Pro 3 sports a 12-inch screen with 2160 x 1440 resolution , with a pixel density that goes all the way up to 216ppi . It beats the Macbook Air yet again , which sports a 13 .3-inch 1440 x 900 display . Microsoft has also opted for 3 :2 aspect ratio over 16 :9 found in Macbook Air . In terms of the display , the Pro 3 is definitely a huge step up from its predecessor – Pro 2 . 

Microsoft has managed to fit Intel Core processors in an attractive and light body , which certainly puts it at par with the latest Ultrabooks available in the market . While i5 models will start shipping soon , i7 models will be made available from August . The 13-inch Macbook Air also comes powered by Intel i5 processors . The Surface Pro 3′s 1 .6-GHz Core i5 processor is likely to be moderately faster than the MacBook Air’s 1 .4-GHz Core i5 CPU . 

Specifications and features 
The Pro 3 comes armed with Intel HD Graphics 4400 , but Macbook is a tad better with HD Graphics 5000 . Both systems pack in 4GB of RAM and 128GB of on board storage space . The Surface area Pro 3 also gets a rear camera , which can be very useful while using the device in tablet mode , provided you would like going around clicking photos with a 12-inch device . 

Offering numerous configuration options featuring 4th gen Intel processors , the Surface Pro 3 will be readily available for a price starting at $799 , and up to $1 ,949 . The pre-orders will start on May 21 12AM EDT via Microsoftstore .com , Microsoft retail stores and select third-party suppliers . 

The most important consideration 
Microsoft has attempted to make a grand comeback with the Pro 3 . It is certainly not only thinner and lighter , but brings in ease of use and is loaded with features . It definitely stands against the Macbook Air , adding to the worries for Apple . In writing , the Pro 3 looks great , but it’s the performance and wider availability which will help decide its success and sales .

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