Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sony's New Action Camera - Offers 5 Cams in One

The Sony HDR-AS100V is truly 5 action cams in one, or at least it can be. whereas the camera works simply fine mounted to a helmet or shoulder, it very levels-up the expertise after you have a bunch of all of them networked via an nonmandatory wrist controller.

Up to 5 cameras are often "meshed" in this means, letting the user modify the footage captured by every cam. The cameras themselves are splash-proof, and may capture video at up to 1080p at 24 frames per second. At 720p, they'll record in slow motion at a hundred and twenty FPS or maybe super-slow at 240 FPS.

With multiple cameras and therefore the RM-LVR1 wrist controller, extreme videographers might mount cameras everywhere the body, or many bodies, to create some seriously inventive footage. The equipped PlayMemories software system has tools for merging material from multiple cams, creating split-screens straightforward. The footage even has timecodes, though you'll have a professional suite (such as Sony Vegas) to use them. The cameras' aboard GPS will integrate map views, too.

Built into the camera is Sony's SteadyShot image stabilization, which might fits the various styles of vibration that goes hand in hand with action videography, whether or not it's mild bumps on a ski trail or the constant rumble of a motorbike.

The AS100V will be accessible in March. every action cam prices $299.99, and a bundle with the wrist controller is $399.99, therefore a full five-camera system can set you back about $1,600. Steep, however if you get some friends in on the action, you'll split the price.

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