Wednesday, 21 May 2014

smart solar-powered lock sends alert you if someone tries to steal your bike

A US lab has designed a new key-less , solar-powered locking mechanism that cautions you in the event if someone tries to steal your bike . 

San Francisco-based Velo Laboratories has revealed Skylock , a Bluetooth-equipped safety lock that syncs to a end users mobile phone and transmits out alerts if it detects anything apprehensive . 

The lock with approximately cost of USD 249 additionally alerts the owner of the vehicle in case somebody is messing with their bike's safety lock for an extended period of time , Industry Leaders magazine reported. 

The lock paired with a smart phone application offers remote access , checking as well as emergency reporting benefits to increase bikers' safety and their prized possession's security and safety , its developers said . 

The smart device instantly unlocks when you walk up to your bike , saving a user valuable time that goes into looking through a bag or pockets for keys . 

The Skylock contains an embedded accelerometer , that alerts in the event of an accident by pairing with the owner's phone using Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi . 
The solar power panels embedded on the bike need only an hour of sunlight to last through a month of usage 

Skylock would not rely on batteries . 
Velo Labs was started by Jack Al-Kahwati and Gerardo Barroeta , both former Boeing engineers , the report said .

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