Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Samsung's new 1TB SSD is based on Newest 3D tech

Samsung has raised the stakes in flash storage with a brand new 1TB solid-state drive supported its newest memory technology.The SSD is targeted at high-end PCs, and also the drive is based on Samsung’s second generation V-NAND technology, during which storage chips are stacked vertically. Samsung conjointly proclaimed 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capability SSDs.The 1TB drive might ratchet up SSD storage in laptops, that have to date mostly toppedoff at 512GB. The new SSDs have two times the durability in writing information and are 20 % a lot of power economical than conventional NAND-based SSDs in which storage modules are placed facet by facet, Samsung aforementioned in an exceedingly statement. costs for the SSDs weren't instantly out there.Samsung has improved on its original V-NAND technology, stacking 32 NAND storage layers in one chip package. The first-generation of V-NAND, proclaimed in August last year, stacked twenty four storage layers. The layers transfer information through a proprietary interconnect.Chip stacking is already found in memory chips and system-on-a-chip devices. putting storage chips in an exceedingly vertical structure is viewed because the new thanks to add storage capability as devices get smaller and a lot of power-efficient. Samsung later this year plans to announce new drives that area unit a lot of reliable supported the new V-NAND technology, the corporate said.

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