Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Samsung Wireless Hard Disk, The Media Device of the Future Media Device

The Samsung Cordless media device is an exceptional take on the transportable hard disk . It comes with Wifi Hotspot , dual USB ports ( one USB 3 .0 and the other USB 2 .0 ) and 1 .5 TB of storage space . Let’s take a look at how these features adds up to make a rather adaptable portable hard disk . 

The in built Wi-Fi Hotspot functionality allows you to connect up to 5 devices , effectively acting as a server for mass media on the go and lowering the need for cables or transferring files in general . The dual USB ports is yet another handy characteristic as they are not merely used for file transfers . The USB 2 .0 port works extremely well to charge itself and other devices such as a smartphone or tablet . This really is pretty useful as you can charge a device , transfer computer files and play a video all at once using the Wireless . 

The spacious 1 .5 TB of storage space is yet another plus point as it means that you are probably going to find it somewhat difficult to run out of space . It also comfortably doubles as a ‘private’ server via the Wi-Fi hotspot performance or a OTG cable as it has its own built-in battery . ( An OTG wire allows you to connect an Android device to a flash drive/hard disk with its own power source . ) 

When it comes to battery life , Seagate has described that the Wireless is rated to last for seven hours , which should be more than sufficient to play movies such as Lord of the Ring . In addition , you could possibly use a portable power bank to assist you to use the Wireless for extended durations . Just to be clear , the Samsung Wireless is made by Seagate and has to be marketed as a Samsung device due to certain legal technicalities . 

The Samsung Cordless media device might very well be the future of portable hard disk drive . By providing wireless and charging capabilities built into a hard disk , this make it extremely beneficial for users to access any media wherever they wish , whenever they want to . If it is able to work as intended , then this would truly make a hard disk transportable . Why bother bringing a portable charger , when I can simply use a hard disk to do the same thing ?

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