Monday, 26 May 2014

Review - HTC One mini 2

As the size of premium smartphones will increase, thus too will the tendency of their makers to fill the void left behind within the sub-5” space, by creating scaled down models of the complete versions.

And, of course, projected the word “mini” once the name.

Samsung is doing it, Sony is doing it and HTC is doing it.

Its latest providing, out there here from one July, is that the HTC One mini a pair of – a condensed version of its new flagship HTC One M8.

The word “mini” is, in this case, a bit dishonest . it's smaller than its massive daddy - however at 137.4 x 65 x 10.6mm, it's really larger than the iPhone 5S (that aforementioned Apple is rumoured to possess a way larger iPhone in development).

The mini appearance lots like its father, with a gorgeous metal-clad body and curving back giving it a necessary premium look and solid feel – although it's a bit heavier and chunkier than the opposition, and has additional visible plastic than the M8.

The display is 4.5” and therefore the resolution has been scaled down from Full HD 1080p, to 720p.

That said, it's bright, sharp, with sensible viewing angles, and is probably going to be utterly adequate for many.

The mini conjointly has dual-frontal BoomSound speakers that deliver fairly wealthy quality audio, for a smartphone.

Inside, there are some reductions in specification compared to the M8, with the HTC One mini a pair of running on a smaller quad-core 1.2GHz snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB of RAM.

Again, this would possibly impact atiny low cohort who run power-hungry games or other significant duty apps, however most can realize it fast enough to run the humanoid Kit qat OS with HTC’s wrap around Sense vi interface on high each with efficiency and swimmingly.

There’s 16GB of memory in-built, however which will be enlarged up to 128GB mistreatment the microSD slot.

Battery life is kind of sensible, giving around 2 days with traditional to significant use, and there’s additional out there if power saving choices area unit switched on.

The main camera may be a respectable 13MP, though it lacks the second pair lens, and a few of the post-snap written material and process options of its all-out parent.

That said, it takes pretty tight photos and conjointly shoots 1080p video. On the front may be a 5MP lens that contains a in-built self-timer for what HTC claims are bonded high-quality selfies.

So in outline, the HTC One mini a pair of may be a credible various for people who don’t need to or cannot afford the fully grown up version, or a unique, equally priced and spec’d smartphone.

Though it lacks a number of the options of the total version of the phone, it actually packs enough punch to be a powerful competition during this specific phase of the market.

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