Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Quitbit - The lighter and app to track smoking

The product, that launched on Monday and is seeking $50,000 in funding pledges, may be a cigarette lighter that uses a heating coil almost like what is found in cars. however whether you're looking to quit or not, the lighter keeps track of every time you illuminate and logs that information in an related to app.

Users will set custom plans — in order that they will trim on intake at whatever pace they require — and see a lot of cash they've saved by clipping on packs on the way. It additionally reveals the time since your last smoke, what percentage were consumed at intervals an exact amount of your time and allows you to decision out the days you shared a smoke with a friend (or let somebody borrow the lighter).

The Quitbit, that conjointly works with e-cigarettes or the patch, was developed by 2 friends who wished a straightforward way to track the quitting method.

Although there are numerous apps on the market that facilitate smokers quit, this can be the primary resolution that has hardware: a bit of hardware to automatically monitor what quantity you are smoking, while not having to manually enter that info inside the app.

Although it's up to every person to make your mind up once and if they want to quit smoking, keeping the Quitbit in your pocket — we assume — offers the same affect of carrying a fitness wristband huntsman. Sure, you would possibly not wear a Fitbit to specifically slim down, however it is a continuing reminder to remain active.

The Quitbit can seemingly do the same; having access to all or any of your smoking knowledge would possibly the ultimate nudge you wish to reduce.


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