Sunday, 4 May 2014

Navigate by Bar code

Navigate by Bar code A new tool that will ensure that you don't loose your way again

We all are aware about the Libraries and how terrible their maps are. Not to forget the similar experience that we had while shopping in supermarkets and department stores.

Libraries have terrible maps; supermarkets and department stores have bad signage; all of them have a built-in system for navigation that we don't use: bar-codes.

Future Interaction Technology Lab at Swansea University have come up with a unique approach to use bar codes and library call numbers to ensure the searches in an organized way.

Search for the book or product you want or  scan a nearby bar-code or call number—which tells them where you are—and the system plots a map to your destination.

The Library of Congress cataloging system that most libraries use is incredibly standardized and has a high level of granularity to its data, so their Book Mark app (only for Android-owning users of Swansea University Library for now) can take you to exactly the right shelf.

Most stores don't provide such level of detailed data for there customers, On the contrary they are well aware about the section a product is in.

It takes work to specialize inventory and catalog information, so it can be used this way, but the researchers are trying to make it easier. They're working on a way of taking existing store maps and automatically separating them into "product zones."

Piggybacking on "ubiquitous markers" like bar-codes, have had decades of robust testing and use, seems more efficient than encrusting new layers like QR codes or beacons, though those can have added functionality.


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