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LG L90 Dual review:

LG L90 Dual review:

LG hasn’t precisely been ‘Mr Popular’ in the world of smartphones. whereas a number of their budget models offered recent might have gained success in terms of acceptance. However there was nothing that can be referred as memorable. The L90 however packs in enough substance to leap out of the group. specially in the  price bracket which in not offering anything exciting at present. The chances of L90 are quite strong at the moment. the dual-SIM version of the L90 which cost only few hundreds more that the single-SIM version.

It is easily observed that Lg has given quite good attention to details. Like the  the little concentric circles on the buttons and the overall nice fit and finish of the plastics. The L90 Dual looks polished and sturdy and feels really good to hold.

Along with the same old set of buttons, LG additionally throws in their IR blaster that is used in conjunction with the Q Remote app. The buttons have smart tactile feedback and are ergonomically placed. sadly, the capacities buttons don't seem to be backlit, that may be a drawback within the dark. The icons do feature a reflective chrome lining, that makes it easier to identify in daylight however not in the dead of night.

A couple of alternative options that are sorely missed are the close light-weight detector and a notification LED. There’s merely no excuse to omit these 2 options once you’re paying this much. The rear mono speaker isn't very loud for media but is enough for alerts.

There are two SIM slots and a microSD card slots. The L90 Dual accepts regular sized SIM cards and not micro-SIMs. It’s built well and the fit and finish of the plastics is very good.

The L90 dual sports a 4.7-inch IPS display but with a rather low resolution of 960 x 540. whereas this is often not a deal breaker within the real world, we surprise what stopped LG from using a HD display instead, particularly once the cheaper Moto G sports one. Thankfully, the colors and viewing angles are pretty smart for a thought phone though it lacks a little of sharpness.

The Optimus 3.0 interface masks the shortcomings of the low pixel count all right. Icons and text are empty of any pixilation and therefore the overall expertise is incredibly fluid. a little of lag rears its ugly head intermittently however nothing which will take away you from the general pleasant android experience. The L90 additionally gets a number of the cool tricks from its elder siblings and well as some fresh ones.

Plug and Pop offers you a contextual menu after you connect your earphones or the charging cable. Capture and allows you to save a whole webpage or parts of it quite easily. we even have sensible Screen and sensible Video that perform their several actions as before long as you look. There we a full bunch of gestures further for calls.

The most fascinating of the lot however is Knock Code and Clip tray. the previous may be a sort of security lock that helps you to unlock your phone by sound on parts of the display. It’s a rather longer method for unlocking however works well each time.

the L90 is powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset as in the Motorola Moto G, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and even in the upcoming Nokia Lumia 630. The quad-core chip chugs along at 1.2GHz and there’s 1GB of RAM for company. With no apps running in the background, there’s roughly 390MB RAM free. This is also one of the few budget phones that isn’t a Motorola to come with Android 4.4.2 KitKat

Media playback is very good.Video playback is pretty solid as well. 1080p files playback just fine, as does most popular video formats and codecs. of the 8GB of internal memory, there’s 3.8GB free for the user. You can expand this further up to 32GB.

The LG L90 offeres support for tri-band 3G and quad-band 2G device. Dual standby is also present for both SIM cards. features includes Wi-Fi ‘n’, Bluetooth v4.0 and GLONASS as well. Unfortunately USB OTG is not supported

Few of the pre-installed apps are- LG Backup, File Manager, Voice Recorder, Quick Remote, LG World app store and RemoteCall service.

The primary camera is an 8MP shooter with auto-focus while in the front, we have to settle with just a VGA one. Unfortunately the 8MP sensor is not very good at capturing accurate colours and detail.Full HD recording is present but once again, the quality is not great.

Battery life
The 2540mAh battery manages to keep the phone alone for an entire day

LG L90 Dual can be bought online and in most retail stores for as low as Rs 16,500

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