Monday, 12 May 2014

Lenovo's ThinkPad 10

Certain companies throw product spaghetti at the retaining wall to observe exactly what sticks . Others . . . keep the exact same tablets around for almost 2 yrs . We've seen Lenovo be both those companies , honestly , however when it comes to its business enterprise line , at least , it tends to move at a more glacial pace . Case in point : Nearly 2 years after releasing the ThinkPad Tablet 2 , Lenovo has finally announced its successor , the formerly leaked ThinkPad 10 . Even then , it seems like more of the same : a 10-inch tablet with an Intel Atom processor , dual 2MP/8MP cameras and a 10-hour battery . This time , though , it brings a sharper , 1 ,920 x 1 ,200 display , effectively matching rival tablets in this price range . Like its predecessor , it'll be available using options for pen support , TPM , 4G and fingerprint/Smart Card readers , though we're informed the majority of those features , save for pen support , won't be available at launch . Under the hood , it runs Windows 8 Pro , with a quad-core Bay Trail CPU and 64GB-128GB of storage ( expandable via microSD ) . Prices start at $499 , with shipments starting sometime in June . 

Got it ? Good . Even more than the tablet , we think you'll be considering the accessories -- and there are plenty of them . First up is a $129 keyboard case , with chiclet-style keys , a multitouch trackpad as well as a slot for the pen ( you know , should you get one of the pen-enabled models ) . Then there's the lighter-weight folio case , which has a flatter , Surface-style keyboard set -- one with concave , space-saving buttons . That , too , has a pen holster , and will selling for $119 when it arrives this summer season . 

Moving on , there's yet one more case -- a ruggedized model with an adaptable hand strap on the back , gaskets around the ports and , yes , a place to stow your pen . And , because it's difficult to remove and put on ( we can vouch for that ) , it's developed so that you can dock it with the case still on . Which will arrive sometime this summer for $69 . Referring to docking , by the way , there will also be a $119 base station ( the one you see in the photo above ) , which adds three USB 3 .0 ports , with one always on so that you can charge something different , like your phone . In addition , it features an HDMI socket along with an Ethernet jack . 

Wrapping up , Lenovo is creating a bigger version of its Quickshot scenario -- the same one it already provides alongside its ThinkPad 8 tablet . As ever , the hook there is that when you pull back the dog-eared corner , the camera app automatically opens so that you can -- wait for it -- quickly take a shot . That will retail for $59 . Finally , if you want to buy the pen on its own , that'll be $50

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