Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Lava Iris X1 first impressions

The Moto E definitely rattled the entry-level section which has made suppliers , both small and big , sit up and take notice . Right on the heels of Motorola’s brand new budget announcement , we heard Lava and Micromax broadcast their answer to Motorola’s offering and there are even talks of Samsung working on a budget KitKat phone . 

With the Moto E still out of stock , these types of alternatives could be the greatest thing consumers need to fill the void . But are they good enough ? In spite of the low price of the Moto E , Motorola hasn’t jeopardized on the quality of the materials used or the user experience . Can our local manufacturers match the same quality levels while offering better features ? 

The Lava Iris X1 is the very first of many more ‘Moto E killers’ to come along . Offered exclusively via Amazon for now , the X1 assures a much better feature set all around for 1000 rupees more . We’ve been fortunate to get our hands quite fast on a final retail unit ( with the help of Lava ) of the X1 and here’s our first impression after using it for a day . 

The X1 comes in black and white and incorporates the same design vocabulary as the Iris Pro 30 , Lava’s first in-house designed smart phone . Call it a iPhone rip-off if you must but the truth of the make a difference is that it looks good and the X1 doesn’t look like a Rs 8 ,000 phone at all . The construction is extremely sturdy and the plastic is devoid of creaks and everything sits flush collectively . 

The mobile phone appears much better than the Moto E , although not quite as rugged . It’s also somewhat longer as compared to the Moto E due to the slightly larger screen and thicker bezel at the top and bottom . Talking about the display , the 4 .5-inch qHD IPS panel produces vivid colours and good viewing angles . However , when compared with the Moto E side-by-side , one can easily tell the big difference due to the lower pixel count compared to Motorola’s offering . 

Display screen sensitivity is good nevertheless and so is the touch reaction . The display also doesn’t wash out easily under sunlight . Lava hasn’t skimped on the basics at all as you get a front-facing digital camera , ambient light sensor , ergonomically placed push buttons , removable battery and an 8MP BSI camera with dual-LED flash . 

The camera is actually quite excellent for macros and you get a healthy amount of depth of field as well . The camera UI might be stock KitKat but the focusing speed is a lot better than even say , the Nexus 5 . Here are some sample shots . We’ll be testing the camera in more detail during our course of the review . 

The Lava Iris X1 is priced at Rs 7 ,999 , specifically via Amazon .in . If you order now , Lava is also throwing in a free 16GB SD card to sweeten the deal . When compared with the Moto E , we don’t see any real cause why you shouldn’t put in a little more cash and get this . You get fantastically crafted phone , much better camera , KitKat , Broadcom’s quad-core CPU and dual-SIM assistance . The X2 seems to fill the void of the Moto E remarkably and we have to hand it to Lava for their impeccable timing to launch it .

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